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Some Certificate & Diploma Course

Diploma in Mushroom Cultivation Technology

Objectives: 1. To impart skill and knowledge of Mushroom to provide the  
opportunities of employment in agro based industries
                     2. To motivate one through training to go for Self-employment.
Eligibility for admission:  Enrolled students of regular Degree
courses may offer this course.
Paper I:                                                                                                     75 Marks
1. Introduction to Tissue culture
2. Introduction to Mushrooms
3. Aims and objectives of Mushroom Spawn Productivity  
4. Identification of Fleshy Fungi
5. Mushroom Spawn production
6. Mushroom cultivation

Paper II                                                                                                     75 Marks
1. Types of Mushroom: Edible – Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporous)
                                                       Mlky Mushroom (Calocybe indica),              
                                                       Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus Citrinopileatus)
                                                       & Paddy straw Mushroom (Volvariella Volvacea)                             
                                 Poisonous – Truffles (Tuber elanosporum), Amma Galerina marginata & Chlorophyllum molybdites.
2. Genetic improvement of Mushrooms, Preparation of culture, Pure culture,  
    Mother Spawn Production, Multiplication of Spawn.
3.  Problems in cultivation:  Diseases – Pests, Nematodes and weed moulds
4.  Nutritional, medicinal and economic values of Mushroom
5. Cultivation Techniques
6. Post Harvest Techniques:  Collection, drying & preservation.

Practical:                                                                                            5o Marks  
Cultivation of Mushroom Spawn,
Cultivation of Mushroom
Preparation of food taking Mushroom as an important ingredient
Mushroom Recipes
Industrial or Study tour to Mushroom cultivation farms
Mushroom collection, drying and preservation.
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