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Spoken English & Basic Computer Programmes:

The College have formed a Soft Skill Board to provide soft skill development module for collegiate students. Under Soft Skill Development programmes computer application classes are held once in a week.Students are trained to prepare curriculum vitae. The subject modules cover Basic English Grammar, Writing, Reading and Presentation skills, Public Speech, Aptitude tests, Functional and Communicative English, Interview skills, and Group discussion skills and modules of Banking, Finance, Management and Administration, Shares and Income Tax etc. Computer Literacy Course.

  1. To educate the students to face the interview effectively and comfortably.
  2. Make the students to learn to prepare curriculum-vitae.
  3. Make the students computer friendly and provide the basic knowledge about MS Word, MS Excel and internet.
About the Practice:

The College is in practice for Computer Literacy Course for its students. One may opt this course at the leisure time. The ICT Board shoulders the responsibility to impart such education to the aspiring students and has been entrusted to improve the computer literacy among the students and staff in association with ICT board. Spoken English Module: For skill development students are provided the facility of learning skills of spoken English. Knowledge of English grammar, pronunciation and skills of reading, writing, speech, debate, group discussion and interview are taught through audio-video and ‘hear and imitate’ system available in the Language Lab. Besides the above, the Language Lab imparts teaching on literature and the programmes taught in Arts, Science and Commerce.

Youth Parliament
  1. Awareness among students and society about the spirit of constitution.
  2. To provide training to youth for future parliamentarian.
  3. To educate students to express their ideas on a common platform.
  1. Lack of experience in the student.
  2. Students become aggressive for the opponent ideas, so we face challenge to train them to express their ideas in a better way.
  3. Equal participation of girl in the youth parliament.
About the Practice:

The programme is very successful and gathers appreciation from all corners. The programme involve the students from all streams. The programme has its impact on the mindset of society in this region to increase their faith and belief on the constitution. the other higher educational institutions also follow this initiative and organize this programme on regular basis.